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Cell Phone Replacements

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About Us

Our Overview

Compufox USA, established in 1992 and located in Florida, is a premium online retailer of computer components, consumer electronics, optical communications, and other products. Since its inception, we have acquired a wealth of experience, knowledge, and formed relationships with several of the leading manufacturers. We continued to expand our e-commerce business in 2008 by adding other marketplaces. Currently, our product selection has grown expansively to data transmission and power transmission products.

Our Mission

Reliable, convenient, and low price are our goals to serve Compufox customers. We provide premium quality products and services with low price in the online market. From cables to high-end computer parts, we offer things everyone needs in their everyday lives. To give our customers and partners the best shopping experience, Compufox is committed to making our individual or group shoppers satisfied with fast and free shipping ,and excellent customer service. With Google-Trusted stores, customers can purchase items without any worries.

Our Products

Computer components, peripherals and accessories. Mobile phone peripherals. Data storage products. Data center and communication hardwares including optical transceivers, DAC cables, AOC cables and fiber optic patch cables.